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 “Did you know that despite having nearly 20% of students, CPS receives only 15% of education funding? CPS’ state funding has decreased while all other districts have increased. If CPS were funded like the rest of Illinois children, it would receive an additional $500 million from the state in fiscal year 17. TAKE ACTION NOW- we deserve equal funding. Visit cps.edu/Equality and let your voice be heard.”

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Jensen offers its students a wide variety of innovative and unique programs and is an active participant in the Chicago Math and Science Initiative. Jensen also offers comprehensive gifted programs. Jensen’s facilities include dedicated labs for science and computer, as well as Internet connections in every classroom.



At Jensen we believe, all students should be educated in a safe, positive, and motivational environment. We want all of our students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers; with the goal of becoming college-bound life long learners. We foster a school community that embodies collaboration and respect between administration, teachers, parents and students.


We will empower all students by setting higher standards for the ever changing world and create a safe, respectful, and positive learning environment that is conductive to all learning styles. Through literacy in Reading, Math, Social Science, and Technology, students have the opportunity to become higher achieving team players and proactive members of the community.